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Rieko Suzuki graduated from Toho Gakuen School of Music. She studied under Isako Shinozaki at the said university, and Josef Gingold at Indiana University. She also studied with Henryk Szeryng, Nathan Milstein, and Michel Schwalbe in summer and other seminars. She assumed the position of co-concert mistress of New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra when she was 23 years old.
Since1997, Rieko Suzuki has started exploiting her arena mainly as soloist. She performed with various major orchestras, held solo recitals in regional cities throughout Japan, and has been invited to a number of music festivals in Japan and overseas. The range of her work did not just stay within a boundary of the conventional classical music. She has produced an unique movement with a concept of "East and West." As performance of resident artist of Kanazawa Kenritsu Ongakudo, her original production attracted public attention widely. Her broad-ranging efforts include the performances of all pieces of Beethoven's String Quartets, regular appearances as guest concertmistress of Malmo Stadsteater in Sweden, and so on.
The New Zealand Tour Rieko Suzuki accomplished in 2004, with a fund from the Japan Foundation, was highly praised and reported in local radios and newspapers. She held a recital in Thailand in 2005 and made a recital tour in Beijing and Chengdu of China, in 2006. She has been invited to various music festivals including Yogyakarta Contemporary Music Festival in Indonesia, and International Music Festival in Phnom Penh in 2007 and 2008, and other festivals in Indonesia, India and other countries in Asian region in 2009. Her solo performance without any accompaniment, which she typically does in such a festival, always wins a rave review. She is also committed to support young artists. She held master-classes for soloists and chamber music players at music faculties of national music schools in many countries for example New Zealand, Indonesia, and China.
Rieko Suzuki's loyal relationships with other musicians result in a number of appearances of premieres of newly written pieces.
Rieko Suzuki's discography as soloist includes Vivaldi's "Four Seasons," which she performed with the Czech Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra; "Reve d une nuit d ete"; "From The Orient," which was recognized as one of the recommended albums by a major Japanese classical music magazine, Record Geijustu; S. Melillo's US Grammy Award winning (in four categories) album "Writing on the Wall," in which she participated in the violin concerto; "Winter Garden," which was produced by Joe Hisaishi; and an album titled "Chopin Fantasy." She released, with Akira Wakabayashi as a duo, "Johannes Brahms Sonatas for Violin and Piano No.1, 2, and 3" (from King International) in 2013; "Shubertiana" (from Octavia Records), in June of 2014, which was selected as one of the recommended albums by Record Geijustu; and "Mozart Violin Sonatas Vol.1 (September 2015) and Vol. 2 (September 2016)" (both from Octavia Records), which were also listed in the recommended albums by Record Geijustu.
Rieko Suzuki has devoted herself to produce "Beyond the Border Festival," where cross-genre music and arts of east and west of the globe interweave, which first took place in 2008 at the Yokohama Museum of Art. (Then it was held at Yokohama Mirai Hall in 2009 and 2014, and at Kakegawa City Cultural Hall in 2010.) This is a festival where world leading artists from fields of classical music, Gagaku music (ancient Japanese court music), Khoomi, voice performances, paintings, calligraphy, and Hua jia quan (Chinese Wushu) intertwined. It is hugely praised as it is distinctive and innovative.
In recent years, with a pianist as well as her husband Akira Wakabayashi, Rieko Suzuki has been active pursuing new efforts. As duo, their performances of various pieces of violin and piano, including all violin sonata pieces of Beethoven are acclaimed greatly for their sincere interpretation and profound style.
Rieko Suzuki's official home page: http://reikosuzuki.com


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